Authorized Training Organizations (ATO's)

Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Certification:

The Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM training & certification schedule is offered through a network of Authorized Training Organizations (ATO'). For an ATO to provide the Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM certification schedule the ATO must be accredited by Exin.
The Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM certification schedule is part of the "Manage" category within the Exin portfolio. Read more here about the Exin portfolio and e-competence framework>>

ITAMOrg is Accredited Courseware Provider (ACP) and can provide Authorized Training Material to ATO's wishing to offer the Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Certification Schedule. The ITAMOrg Body of Knowledge (BOK) is the overall responsible for the content in training courses.

Authorized Training Organizations providing the Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Certification Schedule:

Global Knowledge, DK

Integrata, DE

Tayllorcox, CZ

Purple Griffon, UK

Irish Computer Society, IL

Association of data protection officers, IL

Advance ITSM, UK

Mentorix, DK

Liscience, FR

Amettis, FR

Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions, West Africa

Skillmetrix, Pune India

Authorized Training Organizations providing Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Foundation via e-learning:


Purple Griffon



ATO - Want to provide the Exin ITAMOrg ITAM Certification schedule?

For more information on qualifications to become an ATO with the Exin ITAMOrg ITAM Certification Schedule and related programs please contact Exin>>>