Authorized Training Organizations (ATO's)

Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Certification:

The Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM training & certification schedule is offered through a network of Authorized Training Organizations (ATO'). For an ATO to provide the certification schedule the ATO must be accredited by Exin or BCS to cover the ITAM curricula.
The Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM certification schedule is part of the "Manage" category within the Exin portfolio. Read more here about the Exin portfolio and e-competence framework>>>

The certification schedule is also available from the BCS>>>

ITAMOrg is Accredited Courseware Provider (ACP) and can provide Authorized Training Material to ATO's wishing to offer the Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Certification Schedule. Courseware can be co-branded by the ATO if requested.

Authorized Training Organizations providing the Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Certification Schedule:

Global Knowledge

Arrow Education

Atea Education


Den Norske Dataforening (DND)


Purple Griffon

Irish Computer Society


Authorized Training Organizations providing the Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Foundation via e-learning:



ATO - Want to provide the Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Certification schedule?

For more information on courses and qualifications to become an ATO with the Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Certification Schedule contact ITAMOrg at: