Call for Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors

Your Opportunities for Success

ITAMOrg first conferences will be held at Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen 5-7 May, 2015.

That is why we are doing a call for sponsors and exhibitors.

This conference is the first ever European conference that cover the areas of ‘Software-‘, ‘Hardware-‘, ‘Mobile-‘, ‘Services & Cloud-‘ and ‘People & Information-‘ Asset Management. Through networking, knowledge sharing, education and demonstrations we are giving you the knowledge to perform.
The agenda will include more than 60 sessions in five levels, product demonstrations and advanced sessions with the industry's top ITAM experts. The ITAMOrg Conference explores the most relevant topics with the most innovative practitioners and expert presenters. And you can be part of this

The ITAMOrg Conference will also include a pre-conference certification course including Software Asset Management certification and Hardware Asset Management certification. Do you have any suggestions or proposals for running a pre-conference session, which can benefits and give knowledge to perform, then let us know and we will support you.

We hope to have peaked your interest and you want to join us and make this a success. Please review our sponsor details on the ITAMOrg Sponsorship program page or read more on the 'Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors' page.