CCL White Paper: Key Risks in Managing Oracle Licensing

Published November 3, 2014 By Martin Thompson on Campaigning for Clear Lisencing's webpage.   

This report is the result of discussions and research with CCL members, The ITAM Review community and the Oracle License Management Services (LMS) team. Thank you to everyone that took the time to participate.

The aim of this report is to highlight the key issues and risks in managing Oracle licensing and share information and knowledge to help CCL members. The report will also form the basis of further discussions with Oracle – with a view to generating positive change.

The report consists of two sections:

  •     Part one shows how organizations view working with Oracle LMS
  •     Part two explores specific issues as prioritized by CCL members

Executive Summary

This report highlights the key issues and risks in managing Oracle Licensing. This information is being shared with CCL members and is also being used as the basis of a constructive dialogue with Oracle so that positive change benefitting both the customer base and Oracle itself will result.

Key issues identified by the respondents with Oracle can be broadly grouped into three themes;

  •     The customer does not feel autonomous
  •     They receive inconsistent messages from Oracle
  •     They feel that Oracle realigns the goal posts to favour revenue streams over customer requirements

This report provides feedback from customers experienced with working with Oracle LMS, explores their key issues in detail and provides seven recommendations for positive change:

  •     One voice from Oracle
  •     A licensing knowledgebase
  •     Greatly improved communications
  •     Re-engineering risk
  •     SAM Evangelism
  •     Audit Clarity
  •     Strategic focus

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