John Cooley

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John Cooley



John Cooley has been involved in digital marketing and e-commerce optimisation since 1999.
John gained extensive experience in digital marketing and growth hacking within the SaaS, e-commerce, and tourism industries. John founded the e-commerce agency Laika Group in 2002 where he served as consultant and project manager until the trade sale of the company in 2009.
John was previously involved in the Open Source community, as a MySQL, Ubuntu, and Red Hat partner, and as a board member of the Open Source committee under the Danish IT Business Association.
For the last four years, John has been working with destination marketing and growth hacking within the hospitality and tourism business, as well as serving as an expert member at the Digital Tourism Think Tank.
Besides his job as a hospitality growth hacker John is an independent consultant in digital marketing, and invest in, or own a series of websites, and online communities, primary on the topics of digital marketing, open source software, and e-commerce.