Oracle License Management - NEW

The ITAMOrg Oracle License Management training provides the means for a complete insight to managing Oracle technology.

The training is provided in collaboration with Redress Compliance and is provided as either online training or tutor lead classroom training. Upon completion of the training an online certification test will be available.

Online training

The training is provided online over a period of 5 weeks with 2 weekly sessions of 120 minutes each. Students can communicate with and ask questions directly to the instructor.

Participation is priced at EURO 1.500 including certification. ITAMOrg members can join at a discounted rate (-15%)

Course schedule, next course:

October 21'st 1 pm CET: Oracle License Management introduction
October 25, 1 pm CET:Oracle Database & Middleware Licensing
October 28, 1 pm CET: Oracle Contract Management
November 1, 1 pm CET: Oracle Contract Optimization
November 4, 1 pm CET: Managing Oracle Enterprise Agreements
November 8, 1 pm CET: Oracle Audit Defense - Part 1
November 11, 1 pm CET: Oracle Audit Defense - Part 2
November 15, 1 pm CET: Oracle Hot Topics and Optimization
November 18, 1 pm CET:Oracle Software Contract Negotiation

Classroom training

Classroom training is provided in select locations around the world. Overview of upcomming training classes is below and at the ITAMOrg site>>>

The training is provided over 3 days including certification on the last day.

Participants can join at a price of EURO 2.700. ITAMOrg members can join at a discounted rate (-15%)

Course schedule, classroom courses:

Download the course outline below to get more details.

To sign up for the training please contact ITAMOrg via e-mail: