ITAMOrg is an international organisation with its headquarters in Denmark. ITAMOrg aims to have a personal and regional interface, in addition to a broad and international outlook, to give our members a relatable organisation that understands the issues in your business and your current level of IT asset maturity.

The route to achieve this is to have an international organisation gathering and sharing information on a global scale, along with strong local chapters that takes local considerations into perspective and gives the opportunity to meet and discuss with your peers.

ITAMOrg wants to get the membership organisation as widely spread as possible and to take local interests into consideration. ITAMOrg will set up local chapters in different geographies. The local chapters are hosted by a chapter leader who is responsible for the chapter including running activities in line with the requirements and demands in the chapter.

ITAMOrg is focused on the development of ITAM Best Practice training and the content of the membership organisation in collaboration with various communications from trusted chapters and partners. ITAMOrg training is provided via ITAMOrg Certified Training Providers (CTP's). Certified Training Providers will support the activities in the chapters as well as being a strong advocate for ITAMOrg ITAM best practices.