Certification Partner - Van Haren Learning Solutions
A key aspect in our efforts to raise ITAM competencies is to work with some of the best organizations in the industry. ITAMOrg has chosen to work with the leading Examinations Institute Van Haren Learning Solutions (VHLS) in order to establish ITAM as part of the IT Governance structure and underlying competency frameworks - more precisely ITIL.
The ITAM program supports a wider portfolio that also covers ITIL, IT Contract Management etc. Check out more on the VHLS site>>

Publication Partner - Van Haren Publishing
ITAM competencies can be achieved via self-study. Van Haren Publishing offers, along with multiple other titles, the ITAMOrg ITAM Foundation work book. The work book provides the knowledge needed in order to certify towards the ITAM Foundation Certification. Check out the work book at the Van Haren Publishing web shop>>>

Authorized Training Organizations (ATO's)
Accredited training is provided via a network of Authorized Training Organizations (ATO's). On the Certified Training pages is a list of some of the ATO's providing ITAMOrg training>>>