On an independent basis ITAMOrg wants to promote good IT Asset Management within any and all areas from Software-, Hardware -, Mobile-, Services-, People & Information Asset Management to the lifecycle processes that supports ITAM. We wish to help raise the awareness of the individual as well as the organisation as a whole, to help to strengthen and improve the further understanding of and development of ITAM.

Exin and BCS
A key aspect in this effort is to work with some of the best organizations in the industry to leverage the message on how ITAM fits into the wider IT Governance structure. ITAMOrg has chosen to work with the leading Examinations Institutes in order to establish ITAM as part of the IT Governance structure and underlying competency frameworks.
The ITAM curricula is part of the Exin ecompetence framework and resides in the "Manage" category. Check out more on the Exin site>>

The ITAM Certification Schedule is also part of the BCS certification portfolio. Check out more on the BCS site>>